painting and sanding the dim gallery

Hey thanks for the blog platform.  Hopefully I won’t be pulling my hair out later and swearing at you. But I think after all these years of hacking around with with what seems like every OS, CMS and Blog to come across a screen the last fifteen years, I have attained a sort of “Techno Zen.”  This is the opposite end of the spectrum from “Techno Rage” which is something Parents phoning their children for tech support generally experience.  My TechnoZen allows me remain calm in the event of button blindness or looking for the “any” key. I am sure I can master wordpress.

You see, I am a joomla CMS kinda guy.  But purely for SEO reasons,for ALP, I wanted to try out this platform. Plus, we use it at my work so I learn well when applying the same system to different things at my own pace.  It’s like tricking myself into doing something like learning a sport instead of just going to the gym to work out.  And like a walking and stretching after a rigourious consitutional, I am winding down after a day of web postings and tinkering with more web postings and tinkering…

I think the secret is, after all this time, is to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible and it will work. And that’s the model for ALP – do as many reviews a week I can and posts about the experience within a sustainable level. You don’t have to be the smartest, most talented or best connected – you just have to persist.

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