Five Types of ALP Video Posts

These are what I am thinking about for best practice and framework for the process of a video interview.

1. PSA style:

artist/ gallerist introduces show close up to camera. Then person steps behind camera and operates tripod to pan across the gallery and discuss the show or anything they want. .. it’s your Public Service Announcement after all.  The person may choose to just stand in front of the stationary camera. Approx. 1 minute in length.

ALP fills in date, address and website info on website afterward as well as the title and names.

2. Interview:

ALP contributor and artist/gallerist discuss whatever but has to be close or even standing in behind camera. Approx. 1-5 minutes.

3. Review:

ALP contributor reviews exhibition or event alone in front of camera. Ideally within the physical context of the art discussed 😉 Approx. 30 seconds to 2:00 minutes.

4. Visitor Review:

quick, upclose comments by gallery goers on the exhibit they are attending. Again, 30 seconds to 2:00

5. Review Feedback:

videos posted on the website in response to a ALP review video. Hey, that’s completetly up to the poster – freespeech for all!

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