Want a website? Want a website for a group?

I have been building websites for about 13 years (yikes).

Here is a really, really, REALLY familiar situation – artist wants website, but has no html skills or money or friends with html skills … or money… and also think “blog” is a bit of a dirty word, some sort of work agreement to update everyday or it doesn’t work.  But a blog is just a webpage, and you post whenever you want to, and put up those images and get stuff up there.  You can always get the website you actually want later.  The web is fluid – it’s not some sort of glossy magazine. So stop being so fussy, stop procrastinating and go to http://www.wordpress.com and get a blog. I mean “website”.

Want a social platform for a gallery, group or project? Don’t have any money or web skillz?Try out http://www.ning.com – pretty robust and allows for photos, rss, postings, groups etc. You can control the graphics and style too.  If you don’t mind some ning branding and a google ad, it’s free. You can also pay $25 a month and get rid of the ads.

There. Two immediate solutions to a getting yourself “out there”. It’s important, you know.

Oh, and you can get both and have your blog send its content to your ning site and vice-versa. Bonus!

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