Bas Jan Ader

Had to take a detour home the other night from the book launch, and got on the trolly .. er, sorry Toronto I mean “streetcar” … and it was a good thing I did because I sat beside some smart young business looking woman who kept staring at me.  Not wanting to scare people, I usually don’t stare back. She leaned forward and asked if I was who I was – OMG! Michelle from Concordia!! I knew her, I know her – we were good friends.  Probably still are.

After some art banter on email and making an aloof art ass of myself in type (it’s easy, just read this blog) I got this response from Michelle: “It just so happens, artpants, that I spent all of Tuesday night creepily looking at everything ever written about or made by this guy:  I’m sure you know him. Ohhhhhhhh, look at me, I’m Chris Healey. If you cut me, I bleed art… (and if you don’t know him, WTF, hey? All dark and lovely and Dutch. I’d marry him if his body weren’t lost at sea)”

After looking within myself, my values, my wardrobe, my motivations and my responsibilities to my community as a whole I arrived at the conclusion – I would probably marry the guy too. Wow, what a compelling and dark Dutch conceptual artist.  His main medium? Gravity. And yes, he was last seen 30 years ago heading out to sea on a tiny sailing boat. I considered telling my friend that I am Bas Jan Ader but Jim Morrison told me that would probably not be fair to the rest of my roommates here.

Bas Jan Ader - once again I am the last to know.

Bas Jan Ader - once again I am the last to know.

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