Rip Tracking Fine Art?

Stumbled upon a new format for doing the art reviews. I was not happy with the stiff, akward and somewhat dull re-hashing of the info of an exhibit or an event. ArtListPro is supposed to, at it’s core, promote and market fine arts. The reason i am *starting* ALP as video reviews on youtube is an attempt to bridge the gallery culture gap to those who may not consider themselves art viewers.  Being a Social Media Expert smarty-pants and artist, I want to make something that brings new blood into the contemporary art world. Frankly, another boring PSA about a show is not going to cut it no matter what media it is delivered on. My fine art colleagues who are very professional, literal and serious about all communications about contemporary art – I respect you and believe in what you do, but this is not what you do and for you who usually communicate it to. It is for everyone else.

In any case, my friend Mara (in from Amsterdam for a Tattoo convention for the weekend. How badass cool is that?)  decided to simply talk about the art as we were behind the camera. The result was very funny, and we cracked one-liners about some of the imagery and bandied about theories about what we were looking at and sometimes harassed the amused artist or gallery staff person if present. It was a lot of fun and good-natured and we sounded like total goofs. It was kinda like a celebrity roast but with art, and make no mistake that we enjoyed these shows very much. Just wanted people to feel like they were there having a conversation with us.

I feel like I have discovered the formula for doing these reviews from now 0n.

I need a “co-host” I think for the reviews every weekend, and will seek and accept different people with any or no experience with talking about art. Too bad Mara went back to Amsterdam but I think Michelle would be fabulous at this … I wonder if she knows the danger she is in?

Is it an art, or mystery science theatre 3000? Ok, that’s a very bad pun about 1.3% of you might get. Even less would find funny. However, keep in mind 75% of all statistics are wrong.

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