All Quiet on the ALP Front

Ah, money, when will you be eradicated by the promised Star Trek future?

Had to work last night on a web contract for a friend, so missed some openings. Going to go to a close by gallery this aft for a quick review. But may not have the chance to do many reviews in the next couple of weeks as the offices of Art List Pro is moving to a new location.  Currently we reside in beautiful King & Dufferin, otherwise known as Crackden or by some as “sketch-ville”.  There certainly are some characters here. Thankfully I am the biggest damn artist you’ll probably ever meet though I have know a couple of bigger ones (including my ex-NBA player art prof who towered at 6’6 and 270 lbs. hands like a condor) but I am a bit worried about my son coming through this area at night.

So, we found a place on Queen Street West a couple blocks west of Dufferin. It rocks – it is an old 1950’s office turned into an apartment, on the entire second floor of building. It has also been used as a gallery space …. hmmmm…. though my intention was always to open another gallery after moving here, I never actually thought I would snag an appropriate space so quickly. Thank you recession. So we will have to see about the possibilities here in the next year or two. At the very least I have a large space to do some serious painting and a back yard to chillax in.

August is a traditionally a slow art month anyways.

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