A Simple Approach to Best Practices for Email HTML

Got those emails from your exhibit(s) guest book ? Here’s some professional email advice… exciting stuff, so you may want to grab a couple of toothpicks for your eyelids…

You need to know how to code HTML from scratch, on NotePad, and avoid WYSIWYGs as they will add proprietary code and advanced HTML that is unsuitable for Email. KISS your Email HTML (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) – code like it is 1996. Test it over and over in all major browsers and email programs – both software and browser based. Use absolute paths on all your images and links, and keep your images on a publicly accessible webserver (not on your computer). Do not attach images or the HTML to your message. Use Tables and GIFs and not CSS Divs or PNGs . Use only inline CSS and Font tags for styling – your DOCTYPE, BODY and HEAD tags and information will be stripped out in many major browser based email programs. Most people preview an email in 200 pixel-wide pane, so keep your HTML template fluid and not set in width. Take care to not use typical words that spammers use such as “free” or “guaranteed” and have an equal mix of text and images. Make sure you add meaningful and literal alternative text to all your images as subscribers will see your layout with descriptive text before they add you to their whitelist and allow the images to load.

Don’t know some of the terms above? Ok, then don’t do html emails… please.

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