It really is about location, location, location

My heart goes out these three Directors of 47, a gallery in an alley.

It is a very funky alley that leads to other terrific indy stores, galleries, studios and graffitti. It is a much more pleasant walk than Queen Street West, and a lot quicker too.

The added bonus for these three young artists is that they can afford it (perhaps barely) because it is out of the way, but that also means less foot traffic. Less happy accidental discoveries. They have to rely on word of mouth and their own networks of friends and family to garner interest.

This is why I left Ottawa in the first place – having a gallery slightly out of the way is akin to holding a tupperware party once a month for the same group of friend. They are going to resent you soon enough no matter how good the tupperware is and how much work you put into the presentation. And yet if you go for the storefront on a busy street downtown, then you either don’t need to be working or you are going to need to think about how to sell the work and what work sells – and that might ruin what you were trying to do in the first place. I know it would for 47.

A little nudge and it should be populated with gallery goers. That nudge should be social media and an active blog. And one more important thing – note in the interview how I was corrected when I said “Gallery 47” – it’s just “47”.

She’s wrong – it is Gallery 47 because that is what I assumed when talking about it so therefore they have to make sure that they own that keyword phrase on the web. If I said it, there will be many more who will make the same mistake.

Every single variance of your Gallery name needs to be identified and harnessed for good, not for obscurity.

Going to their next opening tomorrow – really want to help them out a bit more. It’s the kinda thing I was hoping ALP could do when I first started it.

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