August is the Black Hole of Art Shows

When is the worst time to see a show? August, without a doubt.

It is when cultural workers traditionally take a break. Hey, they do it France and 50 million french can’t be wrong. It is the lull before art school, and a new season at galleries. Board Members usually are vacationing, and a skeletal crew is running things if the gallery is open at all. Come to think of it, I think a lot of my artist friends don’t even work much in the studio at this time – too hot, too many friends and family with free time clamouring for your attention.

Of course, this is an opportunity for some artists – an opportunity to exhibit their work or event in a gallery that they may not be otherwise be able to get into. A great thing for emerging artists and sometimes a dud for gallery goers like me.

I am struggling to figure out whether I should upload the video or not. I’ve been concentrating on shows I like, and though I always planned to do some critical reviews, I just want to forget about this one as fast as possible. Besides, that documentary film director scares me.

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