It’s ok to not be a good designer

Really. There is a myth out there that if your an artist then you must be a good designer – this is simply not true, and in fact I find the opposite is far more likely. I myself was drawn into this misconception and decided to “learn computers” upon graduating with my art degree in order to feed ma baby an’ me. How hard could it be?


It’s ok to be an artist and not a designer. Designers are communicators and logical and often very technical. It’s a skill to work with a client. Artists are just not into what they are not into – but when they are into something, they’ll go wherever it takes them, even if it fails, and often their best work is when no “client” or audience is in mind.  There are many confused artists and designers out there, and I believe only a relatively small amount of people who are truly masters of both. It really is two different areas of the brain with different objectives.  it’s possible to be both, but it is hard because design is a whole different beast and complex and competitive. i really am talking about being an active professional in both fields – or people killing themselves trying to be.

In short – if you want a good design job then hire a designer friend. don’t pay your art student friend $50 to “make a logo”.  pay them $1000 for a commission and then pay the designer even more because a good logo is worth it 😉

What makes design design and art art?

Lo these many years, this is my current thinking on that – a good design work can be defined with the term “success” – it accomplishes a communication goal.  a good art work has an inherent problem that is inseparable from the subject of the work itself and visual self-contained.

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