this website has new pants

That just made it sound more interesting than “I upgraded my website”.

No posty for a little while, but I did use the power of procrastination to avoid writing and implement several features on the ALP network that I have meant to do since the start.

The idea of PR 2.0 for the arts, in my mind, is to spread the information through many platforms so the information can be found by those users particular to those platforms. Right now ALP is connected to youtube, twitter, wordpress, linkedin, tumblr, feedburner, email subscription service, ning, a joomla website and squidoo – many RSS feeds going back and forth. Each platform has it’s own strength and weaknesses, of course, and in each case there is some unique content to each.  The best part is I can post here on the wordpress press blog and it will “drip” into every other platform. The only other part of ArtListPro that does that is the actual Art PR Wire – a press release from there will get posted in many other websites at the same time. Freakin cool! – I know it’s kinda geeky but as a publicity-hungry artist and galleriest I have been longing to be able to create something like this for many years, and now here it is. It’s why I learned Joomla! in the first place, and being an average level designer, I have a unique service I can present in my gallery job everquest.

And what I also find really neat is that if any part of the ALP network goes down, it affects only a part of it – the other platforms will keep functioning of course.

It’s veeery tricky to make sure I am not duplicating content on the same page with the RSS feeds.

BTW squidoo kinda sucks. not going to list it as a core service for ALP but it is useful as a another cog in the PR 2.0 machine.

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