Slides or CDs for Gallery Applications? + Answer for # of fans needed for artists…

…1,000. though personally, I think it is more like 10,000. Find the most excellent and thought-provoking article here. Remember, your fan base is not a passive collection of contact details, but needs to be engaged to be sustained and to grow. So there. Onto today’s post….

Slides or CDs?

This debate may actually be about ten years too late. For me, the short answer is … Slides if you can afford the time and cost. Submit slides for the big opportunities. Here’s why:

1. there is nothing quite like the impact of holding up a sheet of slides to a light source and seeing a field of work at once, with that weight of plastic and paper in your hand.
2. What you see is what you get – you lose control over digital submissions as far as scale, colour and resolution. Everybody’s computer screen / projector is different – with slides, you know exactly what you are submitting and how it will be viewed… mostly.
3. Don’t trust any person who work in arts administration with a computer. I cannot emphasize this enough.
4. All things being equal, images from slides just look better.
5. A CD sitting on a curators desk is a coffee coaster. Do not underestimate the persuasiveness of your slide sheet being picked up and looked at by the curator and whoever else is around the office at that time.

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