The # of Art School Students who become Artists

This is the metric I was told in art school – 1% of students who graduate go on to become artists. Of those, 1% make a living off their art.

So why bother? Because, as I was also taught by Robert Gordon, a fine arts degree is another way to train the mind to solve problems – creative problem solving. Seems to be a sought after quality in many fields. Plus a fine arts degree is much more useful than a general arts degree or most others because you learn to make things. That is a very rare quality in our society (more than you may realize).

A fine arts degree actually incorporates many other fields into it’s program – for example : Chemistry (paints, sculpture, ceramics) Engineering (installations, robotics, CAD) Business (Delegation, Proposals, Event Planning) Philosophy (Art History, Critiques, Literature). I could go on.

Think of it this way – a talented artist could work very hard and get accepted into and complete an mechanical engineering degree at a reputable program. However, a mechanical engineer without artistic talent could not get accepted into a university studio painting degree program.

Today’s curatorial theme is "Music as time as measurement"

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