20 Questions about Art Listings Professional

Sets of 3’s or a set of 15?
Am I a blog or a magazine?
One theme per day or several running themes that appear?
Post art and ideas for thought or post what I like?
How many per day … all at once or trickle them out?
Do I add in commentary or leave it as is for interpretation?
Do I state the theme – do I encourage discussion?
Local niche contemporary or international art news?
Sponsor, advertising or just consulting?
How many "reblogs" versus original posts?
Organizational persona or personal branding? Do I seek a partnership? With who?
Does replication of content within a niche community matter to Google when ignored?
Do I re-emphasize the original YouTube and Twitter aspects?
Is it better to be highly focused in the work to show?
Should there be a strict or sometimes daily content mix from museums, galleries, artists, magazines, blogs, news and links?
One exclusive focus would bring in more people sooner – is it not better for the marketing of local and unknown contemporary artists to mix in the international and historical famous posts as well?
Is the cargo theme mixing in content from everywhere better than displaying each content source separately?
Do you mind that this post is also a keyword SEO exercise in cultural marketing?

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