A professional format for an arts press release

A Descriptive Catchy Headline but not Literal (Because That is Dull) and in Large, Bold Letters

Name of event, who, where, when and opening details in bold so your event can be easily listed i.e. Studies of Birds, Joanne Painter’s solo exhibit at Painting Gallery, Paintville, from May 7 to May 30th. Opening May 7th, 6pm-9pm.

(date and location in brackets i.e. May 1st, Toronto) A literal description of the event with the full names of the artists, the amount of work, the theme and if the artist will be in attendance at the opening. This can be a bit more verbose but still stick to a very straightforward description so media can literally copy and paste this paragraph.

This is where you can wax more poetic and describe more about the theme, history and process involved with the event. Try to put some context into it of being typical of a current trend or its social relevance or references to in art history. Provide an example of one the works (especially if you are going to attach an image, refer to that image) that re-enforces this point of view and provide the date, title and description.If you are going to use an image, it is usually best to have it at the bottom of the press release, or attached via email but not embedded into the body as that can make it difficult to utilize it in promotions or to forward it. Though fax is not such a big concern anymore, do not put the image below the title in a fax as it will come out horribly. The exception to this rule is if you make a web page out of it, it works great to have it below the main title. Using an image of the invite works well. Don’t forget to submit your press release / invite image to http://www.artprwire.com for free exposure ūüėČ

This is where I like to put in a quote from somebody. Journalists love quotes, especially if it is from the curator or gallery director or someone of prominence ,” observes Someone Prominent, who has this title, “who can offer some outside assurance that this is a worthy event. Make it full of “this is great” and “wows” if you want as the quote is the place to do it

Now comes a brief restatement of the who, what, where, when, what and why of the event followed by the contact information of the person responsible for dealing with inquiries. It is very important to have a http://www.weblink.com to a version of this press release and image, as well as social media links such as to Twitter, and a Facebook page.

For further inquiries contact:

Joe T. Dude
Smarty Art Pants
555 555-5555

(then put the number 30 at the end – the short story of why you should do this is that it is an industry notation that this is a professional press release.)



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