Always have a web page version of your press release / promotional email

Two common mistakes are happening in regards to this:

1. Noticing that there are individuals and organizations who are sending out exhibit and event emails without a web version to link up to. This is a big “no no” in the email marketing industry – you *must* include a web page version of the email you sent out, with a link clearly at the top. The reasons are simple – you simply cannot assume that everyone is going to be able to view it properly in their email programs. The second reason is that it makes it much easier for people to share this information that you want disseminated if it is on a webpage i.e. social bookmarking, Facebook post, etc. On my blog it is much more difficult to create a post about an exhibit if there only an email with an embedded image in it. If there is a webpage I can link to then it is much, much more likely to make it onto my website listings.

2. The second common mistake is relying on a third-party website service to host your press release. There is a popular arts email list press release service here in town that many galleries seem to rely on to be the sole repository of their press releases and announcements. While having your information also on a webpage via your distribution service is good practice for marketing, it is not good practice for you not to have control of a version on your own website. People will bookmark the press release service site, not yours, and sometimes aforementioned press release distribution service is not doing your information any SMO / SEO favors as their interest is for people coming to their site and not information being readily shared on other networks.

shameless self promotion link – multiple copies of your press releases a various sites of good repute, with a central version on your own website that they all link back to should be standard practice for every release. is a simple site I created for this purpose so please feel free to add it to your distribution and post-to lists. You can also email it with an ATTACHED image (not embedded!) at – – it’s free, without advertising and each submission is human verified.

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