Art Listings Professional gets social with website launch party and group exhibit

Reception, performance art and special group exhibit on Thursday, January 7th @ culturshoc gallery, 7-11pm, 1205 queen street west

Featuring work by Charles Hackbarth, Sean Hadley, Andreanne Le Hudon, Marinko Jareb, Trevor Laalo and Ryan Rader. is six months old! Help us get this puppy off the ground the right way with a dose of visual art from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal + music, performance, drinks and food.

“We’ve received a lot of encouragement from artists, galleries and art lovers. People really enjoy the blog and seeing what Casey and I come up with every day.” explains Chris Healey, editor of ALP, “It feels like we are posting an exhibit for the 7th, more than curating, Casey and I each get one wall and we’ll see what kind of crazy dialogue happens with our selections facing each other.”

Art Listings Professional is a social media magazine based in Toronto. A giant twittering publicity machine for artists and galleries, ALP is a daily dose of local visual culture mixed with international news and historic art documentation, Adding value to viewers and participants by context and careful curation, ALP has been designed to distribute art news throughout multiple social media networks and reach diverse audiences. Offering various and diverse opportunities for interaction and subscriptions across it’s network, ALP’s pro-active and innovative social marketing approach makes it the most future-ready website specifically developed for marketing arts and culture news across the web.

The ALP Group Exhibit continues until Saturday, January 30th.

(super-awesome performance art and spoken word line-up being assembled and announced soon.)

Thanks to the very cool owners Dana “Paina Collida” Snow and Valerie “Gallery” Johnston of culturshoc gallery and store (art/music/clothes/books) for hosting our event and exhibit.

RSVP @ our Facebook Event Page:

For more information please contact:
Chris Healey

(Drawing by Andreanne Le Hudon)


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  1. cz · March 20, 2010

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