Learning from a common arts publicity mistake

Fwd: Learning From Vancouver

Got this Press Release today and wanted to point out one large and common mistake – I’ve deleted the rest of the message, but my issue is only with this link below:

Learning from Vancouver
Exhibition and Symposium
The Western Front
303 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

It goes to an awesome website of an excellent artist-run-centre with lots of stuff going on, but I could not find anymore information about the subject of the press release! That took me about 8 minutes to give up. If I am an arts journalist or editor, it would make my interest in the story feel rather isolated. Am I supposed to promote the service that emailed this press release or am I supposed to make connections to Western Front?

Design your arts and culture PR to take advantage of social media and make it very share-able. Remember that there are two equal and important parts: 1. the press release and 2. the landing page where the press release link takes you.

Throwing in a few more images even as a teaser would be great too.

(don’t forget add artpr@tumblr.com to your press release distribution list or post your PR at Art PR Wire)

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