Performance artists announced for art blog launch party and exhibit

Performance art, group exhibit and Art Listing Professional website launch party on Thursday, January 7th @ culturshoc gallery, 7-11pm, 1205 queen street west. The ALP Exhibition continues until Saturday, January 30th. Admission is free.

Featuring spoken word performances by O’Flan Man (Rob O’Flanagan), Trevor Laalo and guest b.

“I dream of drunken butterflies.” declares Trevor Laalo.
“Trevor is a nightcrawler.” confirms Rob O’Flanagan, ” He has compromised the very foundation of hell with his burrowing. I am a simple ant, trying to repair the damage.”
“Put something obtuse in as a quote from me,” adds a member from guest b.
“Getting a good quote from spoken word artists is surprisingly difficult,” observes Chris Healey, publisher of, “Needless to say, our participating visual and performance artists plus the hip social media crowd really powers this celebration of Toronto’s newest arts and culture blog.”

O’Flan Man (Rob O’Flanagan) composes music electronically using various music programs. Most of his music is used in spoken word performances. He created the group Bump in 2007 with performance poets Trevor Laalo and Tony Armstrong, who had both done work with the Dadaist group Dylan Thomas Is Dead. O’Flanagan is a journalist, visual artist, photographer and writer. A collection of his short stories, The Blown Kiss Collection, was published in 2000 by the now defunct Catchfire Press.

Trevor Laalo is a poet, visual and performance artist based in Ottawa and has participated in projects such as the L.A. Quilting Society, 2005 and The Burt Lancaster Attack. It has been over eleven years since Laalo has performed in Toronto and that is huge – so huge that the performance “may have to spill out into the parking lot.”

Guest b is an experimental spoken word collaboration and project involving artists, writers and musicians between Toronto and Montreal.

Featuring visual work by Charles Hackbarth, Sean Hadley, Andreanne Le Hudon, Marinko Jareb, Trevor Laalo and Ryan Rader. Curated by an act of Chris Healey versus Casey Woodfine

For more information please contact:
Chris Healey
647 347 4586

Thanks to culturshoc for hosting our event and exhibit.
RSVP @ our Facebook Event Page:

you cannot stop this.

Art Listings Professional Exhibit 1

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