The Pledge: to visit every gallery in Toronto during 2010

Casey and I are back in the galleries and video reviewing art shows. I realize many of the videos are in the proximity of where I live, so we have decided to visit every gallery in greater Toronto and do a review and all within this year.

We developed ALP with the idea in mind that anyone anywhere could submit a video review of an art exhibit or event. Anyone can post a video to ArtListPro at and so I was doing some to get the ball rolling. One hundred and fifty video reviews later, I am actually starting to enjoy it and very excited by the possibility of getting to know the scene more intimately.

We also want to make sure we stick with the approach to videos that we enjoy the most – conversations and banter in the gallery space, with a feel of being with friends at a gallery and having some fun.

And we want more interviews with gallery directors, coordinators and arts professionals to talk about the industry of arts and culture.

Finally, part of this Pledge for me is to communicate more successfully that Art Listings Professional is a free broadcast and promotion tool for professional contemporary artists and galleries. It should be a place to browse for the latest interesting exhibits and articles and on every PR list to post announcements and press releases on.

With Casey working on our new Toronto art map, we mulled many approaches on how to define “every gallery in Toronto” – the answer was to list every gallery that has made an effort to be found. Thus, we are looking in the listings of NOW, Eye Weekly, MAG, Slate as well as Akimbo and will always add those who post to our site, of course.

Very exciting! See you out there – if you want to contact us (and to invite us to something!) please email us at We are always looking for more video review contributors.

Public Realm @ Propeller

guest curator … Christopher Hume
The exhibit looks at the demarcation lines between public and private space. Until Jan 31, 2010.

Propeller Gallery
984 Queen Street West
Phone: 416.504.714

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