the one unforgivable mistake of blogging for arts and culture

Not adding tags? Spellchecking? Categories mismanagement? No links to relevant, supporting websites? No keywords in the title or body? More than 500 words? Less than 200 words?  No H1 or H2 titles?  No pics or media? Ugly blog? Horrid blog design? Nope  – none of these are the single unforgivable mistake of blogging. That distinction belongs to the mistake of not posting anything at all. It’s ok to be sloppy as far as posting content – it’s the most important thing. That’s the great thing about websites – they are always evolving and changing and growing and putting up something simple and modest in a regular manner is actually the most valuable real estate in the entire interwebs.

(With that being said make sure you get into the habit of good blog formatting techniques once you get to 100 or more posts. It’s a real pain in the ass to go back and sort and tag everything let me tell you! )

Other potential disastrous blogging mistakes for arts and culture include:

Using online translator for PR purposes
No comments or social channels enabled
Having prominent features/widgets that are not used
The website template overwhelms the content
Built entirely from flash.

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