interview w/ Jan Swinburne @ Convenience Gallery

The first of the new video format for ALP – straight up interviews. We’ll see how the numbers play out, but what I like about the idea of interviews is that they are especially valuable over time, I think.

Even brought a tripod but the plastic clip suddenly broke on one leg so now it’s a swaying monopod. Looking forward to interviewing Dani Nash a little later this morning, and Circuit Gallery in a couple of weeks. Any feedback is appreciated. Youtube text below the video:

Jan Swinburne Grid Reflections: Idea / Real

Video interview with the artist on a cold, windy spring day in the beautiful Parkdale area of downtown Toronto. Convenience is a window gallery programmed with installations that “loosely” refer to architectural issues and Jan’s work certainly takes advantage of the space with a dialogue of grids and controlled chaos … all held together with 100’s of feet of duct tape.

We had a couple of people who wanted to talk about the art approach us during the interview process – this was amazing to have community interest and engagement. There is something to be said for having a series of such well thought out public exhibitions in a neighborhood. Something about visual literacy through constant exposure and local residents taking pride I suspect.

Lovely background noises of traffic and wind in the first of the series of interviews that ALP video’s will now mostly focus on.

Jan Swinburne

Convenience Gallery
58 Lansdowne, Toronto

by Chris Healey
Art Listings Professional

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