review of meta gallery on Ossington

You can take a gallery out of the distillery district, but apparently you can’t take the distillery district out of the gallery.

On my weekly walk-about to collect photos for “art to see this weekend” guide…hey, why not stop at that opening of the gallery that just moved from the Distillery district… the invites are at Blondie’s, so these people are probably pretty cool … wow, it’s a white-washed garage with an open wall to the street … cool… a bit cold …a yes, op-art as a bulbous form – that’s a trend in contemporary art right now. lots of animated gifs out there with these exact imagery… what are these bare nails sticking out of the wall?… oh look at these paintings on rag paper … is this a print then painting on? the painter in me wants to know if the artist actually used the print as a primer for the painting in the middle…or is that a very careful, draftman-ish drawings… it would be great to take a picture of this to promote on ALP… better ask. always ask… very nice lady serving water (don’t blame them. you know how i feel about liquor licenses in Ontario). she does not know anything about taking pictures or the art. cool, ok, there is the person in charge…. oh she’s busy talking to someone, I’ll just wait….. waiting…. ok she’s walked past to do something else. cool, let me browse these awesome catalogues… lots of “mash-up” style trends in this gallery’s collection…. huge right now…. really want to take a picture… waiting… ok she’s back…. standing patiently by exit from counter…. sometimes i wish i was not such a large man. I feel like I loom … she’s avoiding eye contact, like a waiter who has change from your bill…. sometimes you get so busy you have to pick and choose engaging people around you; I dig it… oh here she comes … she just walked by me because she spotted a friend or client, and is talking to them…. what the hell was I going to ask about again? …. i think those people over there just noticed me unsuccessful trying to talk to her… the lady serving water certainly did… there is only one face-saving act … I turn on my heel and leave. What was it I was saying earlier about 1000 random people to your gallery not being worth a damn?

meta gallery
124 Ossington Ave, Toronto

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