Interview with Claire and Susana of Circuit Gallery

click through to view video interview on vimeo

A great discussion on the business, philosophy and curatorial practice of Circuit Gallery.

A trend in contemporary art collecting has been the production of digital editions of a work – not reproductions, but original work – that is printed on demand via a website gallery.

This is not a poster shop model or a virtual gallery of paintings and drawings. Most often these works are photographs and digital work that exist as an edition of 500, for example, and thus are affordable and accessible to a much wider audience than ever before.

It was such a pleasure to sit down with Claire and Susana at Circuit Gallery’s headquarters on Queen Street West in Toronto. In addition to drooling over the large scale archival digital printing presses, I was also suitably smitten with Susana’s own photography work hanging on the walls of in the loft space (I’ve included a link to her artist website at the bottom).

These two gallery directors are steeped in current contemporary art issues and trends, and as you listen to the interview you can tell every aspect of running a gallery has been considered and thoughtfully applied to the Circuit Gallery model. Some of the aspects that really impressed me are 1) the low cap on editions of work to keep within the 100’s 2) the stable of artists and galleries they have approached to represent and 3) the passion and dedication they have for presenting and delivering museum-quality work.

Apologies for the text message chime going off during the interview – I have since destroyed that phone with a hammer.

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