Nuit Blanche photos and musings

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We made our way from Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall) west to the AGO and OCADU then to 401 Richmond, and then west onto Queen West. This photoset follows some of the more photo-friendly snapshots on our self-walking tour until we reached The Gladstone Hotel.

We stated off at 11pm, catching the end of the Daniel Lanois performance at City Hall and got to the Gladstone at 4:30am. Below are some musings about the event.

Is ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche 2010 too corporate? 10 criticisms of Toronto’s contemporary art all night thing.

10. I hate it when car dealerships set up shop at these things (that includes you, Hamilton Super-crawl). It only confuses people about what culture really is.

9. “all-night” should mean ALL NIGHT – not just till you get sleepy. We were pretty sleepy and disappointed at 4am when we found the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art closed and many other venues as well.

8. Drunk dick-heads were everywhere. This could explain criticism of #9 above. Unfortunately, the drunken yahoo trolls start to ruin large, free and accessable events for everyone – at least between 1am-4am.

7. Why can’t every gallery, studio and venue that wants to be open that night get listed somewhere as part of Nuit Blanche as well?

6. Why don’t more galleries, studios and venues just stay open anyways and take advantage of the huge crowds? We noticed many were closed. Some were even in-between exhibits and there was nothing to see through the window.

5. There were lots of live and dj dance “stations” everywhere but Torontonians don’t dance or move with the music. They just stand there and gawk at us old fogies who did dance.

4. Less video projections and more costumes! This year was a bit better but I get the feeling the city will have to close more streets to cars during the festival to encourage this kind of participation.

3. Public transport needs to be free that day.

2. Make a map of the event as one big map – not just 8 mini-maps that are impossibly out of sequence and scale. It reads more like a savings account terms of use.

1. Is early October really the best night to be outside for 9 hours?

One comment

  1. Robert Labossiere · October 6, 2010

    exactly. on the other hand, someone just today suggested that NB is like Mardi Gras for Toronto so maybe free for all is just what it is… and the art will have to find some other place/way.

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