A reminder of our responsibility to create

This is a personal and sad post. Saw the press release of a former student of mine, Adrien Piette, who is showing in a gallery space named after another student of mine, Lee Matasi, who was murdered several years ago. Adrien is the recipient of the Corrie Gibson Memorial Scholarship – Corrie was another young and brilliant student of mine who passed away from a struggle with cancer two years ago.

I never would of believed early in 2005 that I would be talking about these two young artists this way – I was certain I would be attending their art openings and feeling smug that they were my students. Now I feel guilty that they are gone, and Lee’s friend, Adrian, is far away in Ottawa exhibiting his deserving and brilliant work within institutional references of loss.

What I will take away from this, what we all need to take away, is that as artists and creatives have a responsibility to produce work no matter how difficult life seems to us at any given moment. I miss Lee, I miss Cory and I miss Adrien.



WHEN: OCTOBER 7 – OCTOBER 20th, 2010 ( Vernissage October 7, 6pm)

WHERE: Lee Matasi Gallery | Ottawa School of Art [35 George St. in the ByWard Market]

Free Admission


I was a creature before I could stand.

I started this body of work as my external view of things. It was going to be my take on culture and social issues. I struggled with this subject matter; I was not interpreting them well to my eye.

After seeking guidance and heeding counsel, I let go. With the burden of a single-mindedness lifted, I immediately turned internally.

What I did find in me did not frighten or surprise me. Instead, I willfully opened myself up. Some of them crawled or walked out of me. Some stopped breathing all together and had to be torn out.

I now placed them in front of me. They are only a sliver, an aspect of me. And I won’t deny them.

-Adrien Piette

Adrien Piette used his scholarship to work in the ceramics studio at OSA.

OSA Exhibition Schedule:


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