One artist current; boos to the rest of Moos Gallery – a review

Triptych Sockets by Kagame Murray

I was not offered an  hors d’œuvre, and that was the second most disappointing aspect of the current exhibit on at Moos Gallery’s M2 project space on Queen and Bathurst.

I was mostly disappointed at least because I was expecting all the work to be as interesting as Kagame Murray’s work. His close up camera work is a careful study of important junctions, or extensions, of human communication. A kind of anthropologist morphed into artist with healthy dose of rock star (“I spend 16 years in New York” he explains), Murray is a virtual Justin Bieber compared to the creaky and tired old work that surrounded him.

But back to the hors d’œuvres … there only seemed to be one small square white plate of food cubes available. As I understand myself to be of no importance within a crowd of rich and aimless art patrons, I sat back and watched as what seemed to be potential buyers or friends were spotted by the host and she stomped across floor and missioned through the crowd on a sortie to deliver a snack to that particular person. Then she would stomp straight back to the safety of being behind the bar with most of the plate intact and safe from the hungry mouths of the great upper-middle class that swelled the ranks of the crowd that night.

And another thing that set off my alarm bells about this place – the beer cost $7 a bottle. This is not an airport or intermission at the opera. It’s an art opening, and you need to be buzzed in from the street and go up an elevator to even get in – it’s not like some rugby team is going to pour in and you need to discourage drunken hazing by setting prohibitively expensive prices for your beer (at least for independent art bloggers). Maybe they don’t realize that trying to sell bad $10,000 paintings kinda means you should have free drinks and accessible cheese cubes otherwise you are sending a message that $7 is a lot of money therefore you should think twice about spending $10,000.

There are a lot of galleries to visit in Toronto, so I don’t think I will bother with M2 again – unless Kagame has a solo show and I can bring my own food and drink.


  1. David Samila · November 21, 2010

    You’re right on. Thumbs up for your review of this event!

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