How to effectively discredit the arts in your society

The arts are tough to squash and control, but there have been successes and innovations in this burgeoning and exciting field. Here is a quick list of some ways arts and artists have been de-valued that you can try at home:

  • Turn it in to entertainment. If it’s not entertaining, then it’s failed and is wasting everyone’s time. Putting fine art news and literature in your local newspaper beside TV show reviews in the same section called “arts & entertainment” helps condition the masses to accept this notion.
  • Claim it is too expensive and is responsible for potholes in the roads and long wait times at the hospital. This is closely tied to the assumption above that good art is entertaining and if it is not, then we are wasting money. Only those artists that already have mainstream appeal and already make money should be supported with even more money.In other words, less Van Gogh and more Robert Bateman.
  • Too educated. If you don’t immediately and effortlessly understand a work of art then that is a sure sign that the artist is not entertaining, thus is not really an artist and is laughing at you.. laughing!… all the way to the bank with money that could of helped school children in your community buy more pencils.

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