Ways print and web are different for Magazines



print magazines must be made all at once and perfectly as possible web magazines can be launched with one page and grow gradually and imperfectly
if you slander somebody in print, it is considered permanent if you slander somebody on the web, you can remove it immediately or be removed
you can hold a print magazine you can only view a web magazine
print has thousands of colours web has millions of colours
print can display text and images web can display text, images and movies
print magazines depend on subscribers web magazines depend on subscribers
print magazines are bought to measure value web magazines are visited to measure value
being on the cover of a print magazine is an achievement being on the front page of web magazine is helpful
who owns a copy of a print magazine is never in dispute from where you arrive at the content is a dispute of ownership
less spelling mistakes more spelling mistakes
articles are deliberate posts are timely
genius art directors genius content managers
design every page based on the content design one page that fits all content
writers and editors writers, editors and producers
text is set and space measured text is poured into a container
staffs are overworked and underpaid staffs are overworked and underpaid
send printed reminders to subscribe to subscribers – annoying send email newsletters to subscribers with news and content – value added
fewer mistakes more mistakes
impossible to fix mistakes easy to fix
print magazines are expensive, so they are precious objects
web pages are inexpensive, so a website is not a precious object

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