Graffiti – art or community scourge? Part 1

The first in a series of videos and posts exploring street art and its role in community. In this segment, Jen and I decide to call the number on an anti-graffiti poster in our city of Hamilton that has seemingly been part of a larger campaign to crack down on street artists. Or is it? Is there a difference between what the city sees as crime or art? Does it depend on what kind of building?

My intent was and is to ask questions for clarification before I attempt to report an unappealing visual mar – their poster. Perhaps they will present a compelling counter-argument. I just want more information.

This video is my first attempt to follow the instructions on the poster. As you will soon see, I was unwilling to risk tying up emergency lines but my suspicions of the anti-graffiti poster campaign are compelling me to further explore this tense frontier of public space and art.

As some of you know, my family and I are big fans.

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