Is culture a fortress or an envoy? Canadian content better served in the mix.

A site with art media from Toronto is cool – a site with art media from Toronto, New York, Montreal, L.A., Vancouver, China, Winnipeg and Paris is way cooler and more of a benefit to Canadian artists and galleries in this context.

There is great value in a resource with a focus of place of culture – as with time, movement, method, etc. Great for the artists in Canada to have these kind of resources, and excellent services they are especially for people seeking specifically Canadian places or artists. I’m not suggesting they change, but that there is still a missing piece of the

However, Canada lacks a definitive international presence and launchpad for arts culture. I think we build walled gardens of our media productions instead of being an exchange of teaching and learning without borders.

I think artists and galleries from Canada would benefit from a service that is an authoritative international voice of contemporary art because it is concerned with contemporary art, not just canadian contemporary art.


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