b contemporary on James St. North in Hamilton

Dave Brace outside of his new gallery space

A new contemporary art gallery opens. Congratulations Dave! Apparently this clean white cube is the result of a month’s working of mucking and sweat, and it certainly shows as a passionate exhibition space. He had that look I’ve seen in myself and others who meet a tight launch deadline – shell shocked, relieved and somewhat smug. Note the tin ceilings and new floors … deceptively simple major renovations.

Yep, this space represents my art fantasy in Hamilton – a clean white space and contemporary art in the Art Crawl zone. Guess I will have to settle for being a fan, and independent gallery owners in the area like Dave make that easy.

B Contemporary
226 James Street., N
Hamilton, On, Canada
L8R 2L3

Website to come soon, and I hope so – as you can see from the still from Google Maps below, my interwebs search for 226 James St. North has brought up a less than flattering image though it is a crucial early part of the narrative of the transformation of this area of Hamilton.

Google Maps casts a pre-gentrification gaze upon Hamilton


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  2. Marshall Burson · May 17, 2011

    That would be the corner of James and Robert, where there is admittedly a public-access pay phone. B Contemporary is located where the Ricca’s Furniture sign hangs in the GoogleMaps screengrab.


    The neighbourhood is not without its flavourful contrasts.

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