The ALP Editorial Board’s (reluctant) official election endorsement ….

ALP is a pro-arts and culture publication and believes in free and open citizen’s access to education, history and free speech takes precedence over corporate entities.

It is clear that the Globe and Mail (, once perceived as valuing many of the same things, has been compromised by right wing interests. This is clearly evidenced by their tech editor’s support of limiting internet access for most Canadians and especially of their recent editorial board support of the reigning Conservative party.

ALP never intended to pro-actively enter the fray with a political endorsement – we always saw ourselves as cultural observers – but with the obvious lack of independent media that has been replaced by shills and yes men, ALP endorses voting NDP this election.

Clearly, there are enough resources in our country to bring everyone out of poverty, enable every single person to enjoy free education and full health care for anyone within our borders. It is simply a question of priorities, and obviously the Globe and Mail Editorial Board only has career opportunities in mind.

One comment

  1. Petar · July 2, 2011

    The Soviet Union was also swimming in natural resources, but that did not stop the communists from starving millions of people to death, when they tried to force equal distribution.

    Todays internet has emerged as a direct result of what little free-market we have left, despite our Keynsian/Marxist dominated world.

    If you want to see what happens when government tries to run a business, then go read your own article about the LCBO and art openings.

    It is about time that people who are involved with the arts start to look past government and corporate grants, in order to understand why we all need truly limited government, which cannot so readily be used as a tool by special interests.

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