Sure things on Ossington this long weekend – 2 mini-reviews

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1. BLAST | solo exhibition at MKG127 by Toronto based artist, An Te Liu.

This exhibit closed on the 21st of May (2011) and has been reviewed widely and favourably – especially for the droning buzz this installation emits.

I would like to add, however, that also lost in documentation is that artificial smell that machine-circulated air has. This artificial and fantastic environment caused me to slip into a flash of being in a 1970s sci-fi show that typically had sets of bulky white machinery – such as Space 1999 or the movie Alien.

It is also quite possibly the best Chandelier I have ever seen.

2. For the Lack of a Smile | Robert Canali and Noel Rodo-Vankeulen at o’born contemporary April 30 – June 11, 2011

Perhaps this show could of been called “for the lack of a curator” what with the very varied works about. I could not tell, at first, where on body of work ended and the other began or thread of subject matter other than light and machines, and that is a medium.

However, the works are so strong and satisfying individually that this is not a particular problem – and made a strong case for the removal of a curator’s ego when hanging an exhibit.

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