Interview with artist Otino Corsano @ p|m gallery

Interview with Otino Corsano – this is one the best exhibits I’ve seen in 2011 so far. Thoughtful, skilled and conceptually kick-ass, it seems sparse at first glance then you quickly realize you could spend 6 hours pouring over the drawings, watching the slickly produced videos and listening to the soundtrack from another dimension.

The ambient lighting from the TV played havoc with my iphone video – this video is still very much in my interview happy place though.

excerpt from the press release below:

Otino Corsano: Happiness — Part 1.

p|m Gallery

1518 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6K 1T9

November 3 — 26, 2011

A collection of images culled from online social media sites, these moments of repose were then carefully rendered as ink drawings and finally further expanded into video. The storyboard drawings are organized into three sets of sixteen images each for the basis of the three videos.

The three 30-second “commercials” were produced by: Caroline Ryan, Paul Weeks and Peter Darley Miller (Editor: Ting Poo). Composer John Mark Sherlock provided the supernatural, ambient score for each video.

Accordingly, the work comprising Happiness — Part 1 progresses Corsano’s practice of collaborating with professional, commercial creatives to produce his art.

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