My best picks of the Hamilton Artists Inc. member’s exhibit

Last chance to see this show Dec 16, 17 and 18th December 2011 at The Inc.

Waiting on three two more artists to get back to us on publishing photos of their work, but in the meantime Here is work from Fiona Kinsella, Kearon RoyTaylor, Jack Butler and Linda Joyce Ott. I love Kinsella’s painting … or is it a sculpture? One of those works that makes you wish you thought of that … but it is inspiring me to try some stuff.

Taylor has a real connection to the glitch / infographic trends in contemporary art right now. Linda Joyce Ott’s character construction works as well close up as it does far away and I’m giddy to be staring a real Jack Butler work in the face. Even if it is a freaking Dr.Moreau-esque experiment.

Maureen Paxton contributed, what is to me, a painting about painting. She’s just that good. Seriously – one of the best I know.

This painting on plywood by Abena Asomaning looks like a bubble gum and classic mythology mash up and just makes me smile.

One comment

  1. Helen Sovereign · December 21, 2011

    Thank you to all who worked to make this exhibition possible in the spacious glorious new space.

    Helen Sovereign

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