Blame “Classical Greek Era” for banking crisis – philosophy needs a real job

the more responsible and conservative method to starting a civilization with manageable debt and no corporate taxes.

I believe the current global financial crisis can be traced to ancient Greece focusing on liberal arts instead of business degrees. This has created, historically, a drain on productivity in many continents (DOPIMC).

Obviously, in hindsight, early democracy might have done better favoring MBA programs than “philosophy”  and “art”. At best, these are soft assets for any startup civilization – especially ones that need to compete in a global market.


For North America especially, a strong government of business leaders in 427 BC focusing on job creation and corporate tax incentives would have provided useful safeguards against the poor defaulting on their mortgages. The euro zone, on the other hand, might have benefited from being influenced on an ancient culture of family-oriented entertainment instead of a fixation with marble statues of naked people (probably paid for, by the way, with taxpayer’s money while soldiers were making the ultimate sacrifice at the hot gates).

Seems about the only thing they got right about democracy 1.0 was having it in a niche market with severe restrictions on membership. This boosted the perception of value and drove demand through the roof.

Unfortunately, democracy as intellectual property was declared open source from the get go and is difficult to recoup license fees without military and legal intervention.

Unlike Socrates, the only thing we know is that we know how to design a decent food court.


Imagine how wonderful our world would be if we had, for example, insurance brokers, an oil industry or even copyright laws 2500 years ago. We would all be rich and labour costs would be affordable everywhere*. I am absolutely sure golf would of been foremost in new inventions instead of the last!


If you just invented the alphabet you can certainly make a resume and apply for a job- you don’t need to be a drain on the rest of us because you would rather lie on the couch all day with a scroll and then “debate” and “protest” than work. Even I have to work so I know my future co-workers can keep working at the same work I worked at. It’s the only way out of the shadowy cave of fiscal mismanagement due to anti-free market forces (SCFMDTAMF).


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