Exhibit 27 @ Dupont Projects – when location, location, location isn’t enough

In a tiny white cube space, In the back corner of an industrial park building, in between two burgeoning art districts, near an overpass, an exhibit that lasts 2 1/2 days is attracting hundreds of visitors including me. Why?

As curator and organizer Nathalie Quagliotto tells me, the most important advice she can give is to be social, social, social. This makes sense, because Nathalie has 27 artists showing in this space that is about 500 square feet. The more off-grid a exhibition venue is, the more group shows it should have to attract as many people as possible to establish its presence in the arts landscape.

This exhibition has the added social importance for being Nathalie’s 27th birthday-what kind of cold-hearted basterds would refuse to participate or attend her exhibit? Probably those not on Facebook. You start to get the very real sense of how important social media is to art openings and events.

So how did 27 works in this space that measures 10 feet by 17 feet work out? Actually, amazingly well when by all rights it should have looked like a cluttered art hole. Many of the works are small and there is a terrific amount of white space. Exactly how I am still not sure.

There is no theme or geographical parameters to exhibit 27- I think the purely social nature that functions as curating in this day and age results in a playful collection of work.

As Nathalie points out, there is a good mix of emerging and established artists and is well worth checking out.

Sometimes at these kind of independantly organized group shows, one can snag an artwork from an important artist and I did. I can’t wait 40 years from now when this really pays off.

Press release pasted below.



1444 #31 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M6P 4H3Artist list:Kyle Beal
Kevin Bertram
Ulysses Castellanos
Alexandre Castonguay
Anthony Cooper
Ernest Daetwyler
Nadege Grebmeier Forget
Mike Hansen
Brian Hunter
Erika James
Heidi Jahnke
Alex Kisilevich
Karen Kraven
Caroline Larsen
Chris Lloyd
Ann Marie Hadcock
Stephen Marie-Rhodes
Sam Mogelonsky
Gordon Monahan
Laura Paolini
Shannon Partridge
Juliana Pivato
Tyson Parks
Lyla Rye
Karen Tam
Evan Tyler
Kate WilsonThe birthday exhibitions kick off for a second year. Nathalie Quagliotto turns 27 and invites 27 artists from across Canada to show work at a gallery: this time it will be in Toronto and will be the inaugural exhibition to open Dupont Projects, a new gallery run by Natiea Vinson and Stephen Marie-Rhodes. Exhibition runs January 20-21-22 with the preview/opening January 20 7-11 pm.Gallery opened 12-5 pm January 21
1-5 pm January 22

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