Saturday afternoon indoors: notes from a media artists panel discussion

media arts symposium Attended “Black Box, White Box, Small Box, No Box: Media Arts Symposium” last year at Hamilton’s artist run centre. This post is way late because I was waiting for one of the artists to contribute some text – those who have waited for artists to contribute text understand. Still no text so here is the post …

There is no post because media artists are entirely pre-occupied with a) archiving media and b) copy right / intellectual property of their work. I was not even allowed to take a still photo of a film. Add on to that Ontario’s draconian “Film Classification Law” and you have the recipe for people not hearing about you or seeing your work. In fact, most people outside of the art world will have a better chance of seeing this post than their work – which is a shame. They are all amazing and important artists and this is such a shitty post.

Participants listed below:

Deanna Bowen, video artist and interdisciplinary installations

Carl Brown, experimental film artist and photographer

Jubal Brown, video artist and  multi media

Jess Dobkins, performance artist using video

Bruce Elder, experimental 16 mm filmmaker, writer and critic

John Porter, 8(mm) filmmaker and performance artist

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