Industrial security versus artists looking at trees – reflections and advice

After wandering about 20 paces into a “park” with apple trees and a sculpture, I was suddenly faced with recurring confrontations with a steel works plant security personnel. I was told I was trespassing, I was told I had to explain what I was doing there and finally was informed I had to delete any photos I had taken.

Was any of this true? After some research into the laws of Ontario and Canada, I have some advice and opinion to share. None of this is actual legal advice and you should not follow it, but if you are a photographer taking photos in areas you are not sure is private or public property then you should seek real legal advice from a real legal source (hint: security guards are not a reliable legal advice source either).

note: when we went back to the spot to record this video, we saw a man wander unmolested into the “highly guarded” facility through the same stretch of lawn that I got in so much trouble for stepping onto. The difference, of course, is that I was wandering directly and deliberately in front of the guard station.

To me, this is a apt metaphor for the value of property over the rights of the citizenry in this day and age.

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