A proposed code of conduct for public galleries

I promise not to steal art works.
I promise not to bill for hours I did not work.
I promise not to work for the gallery in order to get an exhibit.
I promise not to steal money.
I promise to contribute to the committees I sit on.
I promise not to hold a grudge against volunteers and employees of my former organization.
I promise not to accost persons of interest at exhibit receptions.
I promise not to disparage cultural workers to other cultural workers.
I promise not to resent other organizations for their successes.
I promise to not attempt to undermine or interfere with the ambitions of other organizations.
I promise to keep records of where money was spent and why.
I promise to let others do their job even if I could do it better.
A communication with a typo is better than no communications at all.
I promise not to resent other organizations for being forced to compete for an inadequate pool of funding.
I promise to help promote other organization’s events and exhibitions.
I promise to share knowledge and opportunities with other organizations.
I promise to work with other organizations in good faith on mutually beneficial projects.
I promise not to lie and bully others to achieve my professional goals.
I promise not to use money for programming for my salary.
I promise to be responsible to my organization and use all available channels of publicity.
I promise not to put my own career ambitions ahead of ethical considerations.
I promise not to withhold valuable information from my ex-organization.
I promise not to be ruthless, humourless and literal in what is essentially an absurd industry.
I promise to respect my colleagues’ schedules and personal lives.
I promise not to apologize to critics for the work of volunteers.
I promise not to live in the past.
I promise not to stay in my job forever.
I promise to declare any conflict of interest.
I promise to respect all artists and communities.
I promise to expect respect for the organization from elected offices.
I promise to make all decisions in the best interests of the membership.
I promise to expect support from the membership and the community, and provide meaningful opportunities for the membership and community to provide support.
I promise not to charge admission fees to the exhibits.

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