A reductionist process to an expressed truth posted

A contemporary blog project – I wrote an open and honest reflection of a negative experience with a personality that is not untypical for the arts industry in Canada. And not for the first time. However, I edited, censored and reduced it over a short amount of time so it reflects no real opinion with no details, but simply hints I share an opinion on a matter that my colleagues probably would too. Like them though, I now feel I am unable to critique and criticize openly because of my employment situation within the public arts system.

Canadian contemporary art is a small town, and  even though this blog was originally created to be an honest and open discussion about aspects of our art world I can no longer be honest or venture into “taboo” areas of discussion. The blog worked as a whole by being so frank and even a bit controversial – but now that I have gained from it, I have those gains to lose if I continue.

I have become self-policing in a thin-skinned and political environment. The ALP blog, therefore, cannot continue honestly and I will have to end it as it is.

An announcement of that in the next couple of days.

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