Art Listings Professional savaged by the Google Panda

In a sane world without the internet that sentence would make no sense, but sadly it does. If you don’t know what a “Google Panda” is, then here’s a Google search on the term.

I’ve known for awhile and read all about it, including remedies and strategies. This g-beast of a algorythm seems to target people who are  dubious content scrapers, copying content from other sites and relying on rss feeds from elsewhere to bolster ad banner click throughs. Illegal or legimate, they tend to have very little value to a user’s search results as they have no original content to present that can’t be found at the original sites. Makes sense.

My art project that is ALP probably looks like that to a robot, because I engage in essentially the same practices. To a robot, I exist solely on social networks and use other’s people’s content – 10 thousand people sharing a status update, or a re-blog, or the same tweet are not especially valuable information to a search query but very valuable to the original poster. Makes sense.

However, if you are reading this, you probably see sites such as ALP are valuable and distinct, and I used to enjoy a very high search engine ranking for my “main” website I don’t even have an advertising, though i think wordpress does for itself. It’s akin to banishing from society all curators for not making the art themselves in an exhibit.

Anyways, now, traffic has slowed to a dribble on the index page and my ranking on google has rather dramatically dropped.

Here’s where it gets interesting though (i’m feeling a bit smug) – I am going to “weather” through this unfortunate mauling because I am not going to change the ways i am posting information because there is nothing wrong with it. I am not going to request a manual re-verification either, as I am very curious as to monitoring the traffic and seeing how long it will take, if at all, to recover.

Am I bad publisher for this prideful stance? I don’t think so, because the way I built ALP is to build relationships between communities and artists utilizing many social platforms. This includes Art PR Wire. Three years later, I am a having a blast with folks on tumblr, twitter, wordpress, facebook and posterous! It’s almost, like … I don’t believe it… it’s almost like I don’t need google.

At least, I don’t need to sweat it because it’s a project, so my purposes and hopefully yours is to learn as much as possible. Amazingly the total amount of subscribers is growing because my posts, and the selection and order and publicity results for the artists, are valued and appreciated. Thank you, all of you.

So I hope it does get corrected, but there are aspects I could do better and as my injury heals, I feel closer to some long planned revamp of the entire service. That’s a hint.

I’m not “mad” at google – it’s kind of like a bad review from an art critic. In this day and age though the artist has the ability to steal the critic’s audience.

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