Prometheus shrugged: a cautionary tale of bad movie making inspired by good art

In short, the movie “Prometheus” sucked. Now I will tell you why.

Such a bad product can only be due to the hubris of the director, who pulled off an excellent imitation of George Lucas making the last three Star Wars movies. That is, an arrogance born on the back of other’s talent that fizzles out when in the cold, harsh light of the public realm. In this case, the talent Ridley Scott rode to fortune was the artist responsible for the visionary brilliance of the original Alien – H.R. Geiger. The derivative wisps of H.R. Geiger’s oeuvre that influence the art direction in Prometheus are the only saving grace of this otherwise clunky disgrace of a movie.

Honestly, we could of attended a two hour slideshow of Geiger’s work and come away more impressed. If one could mute Prometheus to blank out the ridiculously whiny and stupid characters then one could concentrate on the best aspect of this movie – the art direction. And that is only possible due to (you guessed it) the original vision of the visual artist H.R. Geiger.

I, like many others, have waited decades to find out more about the rich civilization hinted at from the beginning of Alien. I, like many others, were very disappointed in the half-ass and cliche ridden treatment of this prequel – probably because this project was more dependant on the mind of a lecherous, conceited director than the visual artist who sparked a universe.

Our times are marked by a return to a higher level of conservatism and religiousness and this muddyness comes through the script as some sort of trite “reason versus faith” story arc. Maybe like many other elders, Scott is thinking (hoping) more about the afterlife, or maybe even consciously threw away art for appealing to mid-west american demographic, but regardless has ended up with a slate of dim-witted characters who are utterly and undeniably unlikable and unbelievable.

Watching this movie is akin to watching the most selfish, shallow and incompetent scientific expedition EVER. What these characters do and what they say makes no sense and pretty quickly you realize the director has little faith in your intelligence. The plot makes no sense, and is currently still masquerading as some mysterious chain of events we are supposed to guess at.

When you think back to the original Alien movie, there was a cast of older, grizzled characters – this film has a super young, good looking and stylish set of characters and more often than not that signals a very, very bad movie.

Ridley Scott, you are a bad artist.

One comment

  1. Dragonlady · June 16, 2012

    Why so hostile?? Haha. I saw the film, but had no expectations of anything other than “early Sunday morning empty theater eye-candy”…Of course the plot was thin & weak…Of course the characters were shallow and whiny…Of course the director is a megalomaniac…That’s Showbizz BABY!!!

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