Irene Loughlin @ Performance Art & Punk

A performance work dedicated to Pussy Riot. Taken at This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton, Ontario at PAP #1, a fundraiser for local arts organizations.

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Irene and I co-organized the “Performance Art & Punk” show, with an eye to developing it into a series of spectacles with local bands and contemporary performance artists – a concept that resonates with many with a lot of positive feedback. Unfortunately, the first one was sparsely attended and I felt bad for the two gracious bands participating (Lola Internet and the Bangkok Proxies + Buckshot Bebee) – we did raise some funds and had a really fun time that night. Part of the problem is the timing of August 9th is many people are away and it was the night before Art Crawl, when our community is busy preparing. Both Irene and I were away for weeks before hand and the gallery we were raising funds for is closed for the entire month. Also a huge factor is that it poured rain all day and night and that always affects attendance for events.

Despite this, we have a tremendous amount of interest from performers and the community for the next event, and have already been invited by another local venue to host  PAP #2.

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