A Diamond in the Rough Hood: Robert Carley

Had the pleasure of visiting my new found neighbours, Glenna Jones and Robert Carley, during Robert’s home-based exhibition this weekend.

I should mention their home is structurally ideal for fine arts exhibits and studio work – it used to be a woodworker’s home and business when they purchased it about 9 years ago. There is a glass atrium joining a large workspace and the early 1900’s house and Robert’s production and caliber are up to the task of making the most out of the space.

They are in a very real sense living the Barton Village dream for artists like myself who have move here attracted to Hamilton neighbourhoods with the more affordable houses. They are involved with the community, they want to help raise the quality of living here and they have space to work. I am very glad to discover they live a few houses down from my place, and add yet another layer of awesomeness to the kind of terrific neighbours we have on all sides so far. Robert and Glenna are also, like me, aware with the effects of perception on this neighbourhood, and see the potential that awaits along Barton Street (hence my tongue-in-cheek title of this post).

Below are some pics of the space and Robert and his work. He’s also a poet and this is evident throughout his work, as well as a kind of crisp, musical rhythm in his abstract paintings.


(Bob wanted me to mention he welcomes public visits to his studio, but you need to call ahead. You can find more info here on his latest exhibit invite.



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