Hamilton Pizza

Fun making art with Apple 0S 6 Maps

There have been grumblings about Apple’s new map app that replaces Google Maps on the latest iphone update. I personally welcome any refreshing change to the banality of reality. Things not working exactly perfectly now is really a metaphor for hope of civilization – where else but in the rended void of our mistakes do we learn? But enough of this “hey there’s a wave in this 3D view of something flat” rationalization. It’s time to make some art!

On Apple Maps, I visited the industrial sectors of Hamilton, Ontario and applied the 3D view – I wanted to work with abstracted compositions captured from topographies not immediately familiar to our everyday lives. The industrial sector here is well gaurded, fenced and generally blocked from view so I wanted a chance to zoom in with a fresh satellite view. Below are some of the individual screenshots I took and at the end the new collage work I made from this. I call it “Hamilton Pizza”.

Oh, I snuck a bit of golf  course and airport in there too… it’s like I’m lurking a Captain of Industry lifestyle.

Hamilton Pizza

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