You’ve been instagrammed! Photo series from a walk through #BartonVillage

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I am very grateful for the interest in my talk & tour coming up this Saturday that is based on walking through my neighbourhood in Hamilton. I walk a lot and take photos with my iphone, so here is some more flâneur photo work from and around Barton Village.

I’m hoping this overall practice based on Hamilton will lead to a chance to show in this community (or maybe even an opportunity to establish a window gallery). These sorts of cultural events are conspicuously absent here, especially when contrasted with the economic / arts blooming on James Street North and Ottawa Street.

I like the layering of the instagram app filters onto shots of some of the rougher bits around here. It’s a social media activity in an area not know for social activities anymore. I have ideas on art events here though that could help change that … but that’s another post.


  1. isounddesign · October 9, 2012

    I’ve mixed feelings about istagrammed photos but this looks interesting.

    • artlistpro · October 9, 2012

      Thanks – me too but I very much am interested in work run through technical processes, ideally to subvert and stress it. I don’t pretend I am a better artist because of using something like instagram, but I am a better artist for exploring different media & approaches, I think. However, I draw the line at black velvet paintings.

      • isounddesign · October 9, 2012

        Yeah, it’s right way. Many people use Instagram instead “their skills”.

        However on good picture it can look great, like some kind of final improvement.

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