Christopher Healey (ArtListPro) gets interviewed by a blogger at an art exhibit: karma rebalances

Thanks Scott Simmons for that interview, it was nice to experience that and get to talk a bit about some of this stuff. Scott’s being doing video interviews for awhile as well, about 700 of them actually, and it’s neat to see some of the differences in style i.e.  the camera angle and the sountrack added. Our similarities included a sense of humour, a passion for new media and communications – and also share being forgotten to be invited to the VIP opening night party.

I actually did not realize there was video being shot during this interview until near the end … probably for the best. Apologies for duplicate jokes. And I’m not sure why I said “essay-based blog”. Must be listening to Q too much.

There was a national magazine writer at our table who expressed dismay at how expensive and difficult it is to do video for the web. She excused herself and left before we started the video interview, as she did not look enthused about “blogging”. I think this is really interesting how some publishing cultures clash with the production capabilities available and this results in a self-fulfilling high production and cost barrier for web video. Though there are some simple adjustments that could be made in shooting this video if you wanted it to be a little more slick, Scott essentially puts on a clinic for media concerned with how to do this properly and cost effectively – just do it and post the best. Repeat.

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