Richard Degelder’s 3D printer demo @ Function Keys Conference

A member of Think|Haus hacker collective,, Richard built his own 3D printer and was very gracious in answering questions and discussing the technology. Also get to hear a bit of Richard talking about his machine.

This reminded me of when home computers made a first serious push about 20 years ago – I remember dudes with self-made computers showing them off in exactly the same manner. And many people also viewed this computer fad with curiousity and without any real sense or idea of the mega paradigm shift it was heralding – as 3D will affect our daily lives and our civilization. Seriously, think about the future where we can create an object. Right now, machine parts can be fabricated – but extend that logically and soon we can start printing off houses. This blows my mind. I know the uses will reach far beyond what we can imagine at the moment, and this will be a staple for generations of a new kind of artist.

For now, a hacker at a conference shows off his Prometheus tech – or maybe more of a kind of Midas, as everything the printer touches turns to plastic. Anyways, we are in the middle of an art history moment so please enjoy it.

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